It takes a maximum of 24 hours to deliver the account details after the payment is successful. But, we usually deliver the account within 1 hour after successful payment. 

We provide Premium Netflix accounts that is shared among 1 people in Single profile account and shared among 2 people in Shared profile account.

Yes, it is safe as we’re grouping people and splitting the cost among the. The accounts provided by us are not hacked or stolen accounts. We provide only genuine accounts that is shared by the owners. 

We don’t own any of the accounts, so we can’t assure to provide the same account every month. It is totally dependent on the owner to pool the account.

Again, it depends on the owner to pool the account. If the owner doesn’t agree to pool the account anymore during the ongoing of the subscription, we assure you that we’ll provide you a new account if you contact us using the Contact Us page reporting the issue.

Yes, you can only change the profile name only if you buy the Single profile accounts.

Account owner deposits some funds as a safety deposit and hence we assure you that the account owner will never change the password.

Only we, and our share holders know the credentials entered to create the account and have the OTP access. So, if someone changes the changes the password too, we can recover the password ASAP.

It totally depends on you! But remember that we sell you only genuine accounts.             

  • There are many people in the market who fraud the customers who don’t reply after taking money.
  • They either sell hacked accounts or cracked accounts which is very illegal as it contains payment methods used by fraud methods.
  • In Single profile accounts. : You can watch in ONE screens at the same time.
  • In Shared profile accounts. : You can only watch in ONE screen at a time.
  • Don’t change the Email ID and password at any instinct.
  • Don’t use any other profile which is not allocated to you.
  •  Don’t share the account with you’re friends and family.