HMA VPN – Premium Account
| 1 Year |

8,925.00 350.00

In this type of HMA VPN account, you will get a Premium account for ONE Year.

| Don’t share the Account with Anyone, or you’ll lose the WARRANTY and replacement will not be provided if there’s something wrong in the future |

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HMA provides digital software and services intended to help users remain anonymous online and encrypt their online traffic. Its software is used to access websites that may be blocked in the user’s country, to anonymize information that could otherwise be used by hackers, and to do something unscrupulous without being identified. HMA’s privacy policy and terms of use prohibit using it for illegal activity.

HMA hides the user’s IP address and other identifying information by routing the user’s internet traffic through a remote server. However, experts note that the company does log some connection data including the originating IP address, the duration of each VPN session, and the amount of bandwidth used.

As of May 2018, the company had 830 servers in 280 locations across the globe and provided over 3000 IP addresses. The software also includes a kill switch across all platforms.


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